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Small Non Spill Water Bowl - choice of colours

Small Non Spill Water Bowl - choice of colours

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Especially good for puppies or messy drinkers!
No more spills or wet floors!
Ideal for travel and home use, this (as seen on TV) non-spill water bowl not only protects your car or carpet, but also reduces slobber and dripping whiskers by up to 90%.
Holding approx. 1 litre, this travel bowl is an entirely new concept in keeping you and your dog happy when on the move, or can equally protect your home from spilled water.
Manufactured in 3 parts, it is filled by removing the top lids, filling with water, and replacing the lid. The central holed part then "floats" on the water, thus stopping any waves and unwanted spills.
It really does work!
Approx 19 cm (6 ins) diameter.


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