Folding Wire Crates

Folding Wire Crates

Dog crates manufactured from wire mesh are a tried and tested means of giving your dog its very own den, whilst at the same time, keeping it safe and secure.

Our range of wire dog crates includes 3 basic designs, but all fold away easily when not in use.

The ALPINE crates are lightweight, supplied with a plastic base tray, and are available in a choice of colour :- Black, Blue or Pink. All are incredibly popular and offer great value for money.

The SHOWMAN range is heavier duty than the Alpine, and is supplied with a steel base tray. The finish is a tough black/siver coating. This range has been a favourite of top breeders for 30 years.

The CRUFTS range is a robust crate, finished in  hammered black'n'silver finish, and is the only crate approved by The Kennel Club to bear the famous Crufts logo. It is supplied with a plastic base tray.